Rules of Play 2018


1.     To be played in four sections, in a round robin format, with the top two teams (maximum 5 players per team) in each section qualifying for the Championship quarter-finals and the third placed team in each section qualifying for the Consolation semi-finals. The draw will be seeded based on current WCF and WCT rankings where appropriate.

2.     All round robin games will be of 8 ends. Should games be tied after 8 ends, an extra end will be played to decide the winner. In case of a blank end in the extra end, the team without the hammer in that end wins the game. Only the Final will be played with as many extra ends as needed to decide the winner. In each section the team with the highest number of wins will be ranked as section winner and the team with the second highest number of wins will be ranked as the section runner-up and those two teams will qualify for the Championship event. The third placed team in each section shall play in a Consolation event.

3.     In the event of teams finishing with the same number of wins the following criteria (in order) will be used to determine ranking for direct qualification to the respective events.

        (a)   The record of the game(s) between the tied teams.
        (b)   The team with the lesser Draw Shot Challenge (DSC).
        (c)   The team with the best non-equal Last Stone Draw (LSD). 

4.     In all games choice of last stone will be decided using the LSD. One player will deliver one stone to the tee at the home end with normal sweeping allowed and the team with the lesser LSD will have the choice of delivering the first or second stone in the first end.  If neither team has a stone that finishes in the house or if both teams record the same distance a coin toss will decide who has the choice of delivering the first or second stone.  The total distance of these LSD's known as the DSC, will be used where ranking cannot be determined as in paragraph 3(b) above. Teams may discount their worst LSD on a cumulative basis for this total DSC measure.    

In the first game a practice stone may be played followed by the measured stone. Dark coloured handled stones will be played first. In all future rounds the LSD stones shall be played without practice stones immediately following the completion of the game, measured, and the result carried forward to the next round. For the Quarter Finals, the section winners will have the choice of Hammer or stone colour.

5.     The first named team in the draw will throw the dark coloured handled stones (top of the board) the second named team will throw the light coloured handled stones. 

6.     For the first game an Original Team Line-Up Form must be completed and submitted to the Umpires and thereafter if there are any team changes or a change in the team rotation a Change of Team Line-Up form must be submitted before the start of the game.   All forms are available from the Umpires. If a player has played any competitive stones in the tournament, they are deemed to be 'cup tied' to that team for the duration of the tournament.

7.     As individual game time clocks are not being used time outs will not be allowed. 

8. There will be no practice ice available once the Tournament is under way.

9.   In all other matters the current WCF Rules will apply.

10.   In any adjudication the decision of the Chief Umpire is final.