The 'Adopt-a-Team' Initiative


This is an informal way to encourage the local curling clubs that play at Braehead (and perhaps elsewhere?) to take an interest in the Glynhill Ladies International by sponsoring the event and for which they receive a randomly selected team to support during the competition.

The scheme has been in operation for the last three years and has gradually become a welcome addition to the friendly and inclusive atmosphere of the event. The clubs have become more familiar with their adopted team(s) and the teams receive encouragement from the club members that come along to watch.

A feature of ‘adoption’ has been the opportunity to meet the teams at the rink and an increasing number of clubs have exchanged gifts and had souvenir photographs taken for club archives. It is hoped that this personal touch will remain an established feature of the event.

The additional support is very much appreciated by the teams and it contributes to the overall positive impression left by the event. Many have returned year after year and mention the 'wee things' that make the Glynhill stand out in the calendar.

Here is a run down of the Teams and their adoptive Clubs.

Please note that the applications for this have closed however you may still wish to make enquiries...

Team Adopting Club
D6 : Stern 69 CC
C2 : Skaslien Bearsden CC
D2 : Malmi Belmont October Ladies CC
C5 : Jentsch Braehead Virtual CC
B2 : Sveliga-Frynia C&R CC
B6 : Kauste Canadian CC
C1 : Flims Cathcart Castle CC
D4 : Smith Clydesdale Bank CC
C3 : Fleming Crossmyloof CC
A2 : Mathis Curlews CC
A4 : Nielsen Drystanes CC
C4 : Uitikon Waldegg Dumbreck Ladies CC
D1 : Moiseeva Duntocher Ladies CC
D3 : Uzwil Eaglesham CC
B5 : Muirhead Giffnock CC
A5 : Kubeskova Glasgow Ladies CC
C6 : Gaspari Glasgow Ptarmigan CC
D5 : Sigfridsson Glasgow XX
A3 : Wang Helensburgh CC
B4 : Schlafhaus Lyssach Maxwell Ladies CC
B1 : Wranå Partick CC
B3 : Paetz Pollok CC
A1 : Tirinzoni Rolling Stones CC
A6 : Aitken XX Youth Club CC